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Kellogg Essay

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Bang Kelly Truong
Ethical Social Leadership
Prof. Donovan
Critical article review on Ethical

Labor Battle at Kellogg Plant in Memphis Drags On
By STEVEN GREENHOUSEFEB. 10, 2014 – NewYorkTimes
Finding the fair Right for Kellogg’s workers.
The article’s purpose supplies the Locked Out situation in Memphis that Mr. Watts – who has worked at the plant for 28 years and roughly 225 of his co-workers, barring them from returning to their jobs making Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops until their union agrees to a new contract. They were very aggressive about the Kellogg Company’s operational change, and payable rule. This case uncovers up issues in many American companies that treat unfairly their employees. The middle-class workers disagreed their pay less and benefits not having to contribute toward their health insurance premiums. By far, the main point of issue is Kellogg’s push to “greatly expand a group of temporary workers into what would essentially be a permanent lower tier of employees who would earn $6 an hour less than the other workers and have far less generous benefits.”
The company spokesmen proves that their current employees, on average, earn more than $100,000 annually that they work seven days a week and are two days off a month, 40 or 50 days in a row (NYTimes, 213). Moreover, Kellogg Company’s labor costs in our U.S. cereal plants are significantly higher than other industry competitors, and not sustainable.
When the small and far less powerful Kellogg union came out to help Kellogg’s weakened labor who being taken advantage of the movement, they tried to prove that to step up pressure on the workers, Kellogg cut off their health insurance, and it has kept the plant operating with replacement workers hired by a staffing agency. The union hopes that the National Labor Relations Board will declare that the lockout is illegal. “Union officials assert that Kellogg is illegally trying to foist new wages and hours upon the Memphis...

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