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Kay Toliver Essay

  • Submitted by: richniki
  • on April 17, 2015
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April 8, 2015
Kay Toliver Videos

I really enjoyed watching the many of the numerous videos on Kay Toliver and her teaching style in regards to Math. Her main focus was to have her students become thinkers and doers in the classroom. She teaches them to see why the lessons are meaningful to them. She also incorporates many of the other subjects into her Math lessons.
Kay Toliver makes her kids feel good about what they do in the classroom. She also has them do things themselves. She states that when they do it on their own it becomes their lesson. I can incorporate her idea of doing hands on Math in the classroom. I love that she has the class create figures and form angles using wooden sticks. This makes Math very tangible for them. She uses every chance she can to have the students explain the math. She lets the students speak for as long as they need to in order to get their words out. Another thing that she did that I would like to do is to get the kids outside with their lessons. She took the class outside onto the streets to use parking meters as an example of explaining money and calculating late fees. She showed them the angles that the pavers on the city sidewalks formed.
I love that she brought Literature and Science into the Math lessons. One lesson that I loved was when she planted the seeds in the soil to incorporate the word variables into their Math vocabulary. She took Science and also made into a Math lesson. The variables that she used were how sunlight and water affect the growth of the plants. She had the students make that connection between Science and Math. The class was divided into two groups. One had low light and low water and the other had bright light and more water. The class kept careful records and recorded their observations on a daily basis. They measured the height of the plant in centimeters. They drew the conclusion that the plants with more water and light grew at a quicker pace. She was teaching them a higher level...

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