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Karl Marx’s Theory Essay

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Karl Marx’s Theory

The Social Scientist, the philosopher, and the historian, Karl Marx, is the most important socialist individual to have great knowledge during the 19th century. During the socialist movement, he was completely ignored by other scholars based on his economic, political, and social ideas but quickly was accepted as soon as he died in 1883. Even though he passed away, Karl Marx beliefs and ideas have been modified and have been accepted on other political conditions. Furthermore, Marx writings were then recognized by other scholars and were greatly appreciated such as the Ten Marxist Theses.
During Karl Marx youth, he always wrote about a topic that had his interest, it was something he can relate to, which was socioeconomic. Marx basically focused on the socioeconomic of the class struggle with a plan of action for removing power from the current conditions. His main focus is on the struggle between classes being critical on historical change. For instance, the structure of the society is very complicated, during the present period of bourgeoisie, the social structure is on the rise to a division of two classes. One class consists of the bourgeoisie, the ruling class, and the owners of mean productions. The other class has working slaves and the proletariats. Proletariats are a self-conscious of their state, and as their drama continues it is slowly creating a revolution.
Marxism received so much attention simply because it applies and relates to many people out there that are dealing with similar situations. It encourages the proletariat and low paid workers to feel powerful and gain faith as they fight for justice.
The first part of his theses is Historical Materialist Determinism. Karl Marx believed that determinism gave emphasis more to the historical aspect as oppose to the individual. He states that men’s state of mind was far differently as oppose today. He states that the visualization, thinking, and material behavior began at...

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