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Juvenile Justice Essay

  • Submitted by: Juanolo
  • on March 24, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Juvenile Justice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Juvenile Justice
Reading selections for this module: Krikorian, Greg. “Many Kids Called Unfit for Adult Trial.” Sacramento Bee. 3 Mar. 2003. Liptak, Adam. “Supreme Court to Rule on Executing Young Killers.” New York Times. 3 Jan. 2005. Lundstrom, Marjie. “Kids Are Kids—Until they Commit Crimes.” Sacramento Bee. 1 Mar. 2001. Thompson, Paul. “Startling Finds on Teenage Brains.” Sacramento Bee. 25 May 2001.

Reading Rhetorically
Getting Ready to Read
English-Language Arts (ELA) Content Standard: Writing Applications (Genres and Their Characteristics) 2.3 Write reflective compositions: a. Explore the significance of personal experiences, events, conditions, or concerns by using rhetorical strategies (e.g., narration, description, exposition, persuasion).

As the students approach a reading assignment, you can engage them with the text through quickwrites, group discussions, brainstorming, or other activities to achieve the following goals: • Help your students make a connection between their own personal world and that of the text. • Help your students activate prior knowledge and experience related to the issues of the text. • Help your students share knowledge and vocabulary relevant to the text. • Help your students ask questions that anticipate what the text is about.
Activity : Getting Ready to Read Quickwrite (five minutes). If you committed a crime, do you think it would be fair for you to be punished the same way as an adult who committed the same crime?
Note: The activities for students provided in the Student Version for this module are copied here in the Teacher Version for your convenience. The shaded areas include the actual activities the students will see. The use of italics in the shaded areas generally indicates possible student responses and may be interspersed with notes to the teacher that are not shaded. If there are notes to the teacher within the shaded areas, they are indicated by italics and parentheses....

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