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Juvenile Delinquency: Needs Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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Juvenile Delinquency:

Katie J. Del Rio
CJ420: Juvenile Justice
Professor Amy Ng
August 13, 2013
Abby is a 13-year old Caucasian female who was recently picked up by the police for running away.   She lives in an upper middle class neighborhood with the mother and stepfather.   She attends a great school, but her studies are lagging.
This is not the first time Abby has run away but it is the first time the police have found her.   In the past her parents have found her and brought her home.   When the police find her she is also under the influence of drugs and alcohol.   She has been getting poor grade, has dropped out of all extracurricular activities, and has become very withdrawn.   When questioned by the police, she reports she ran away because her stepfather has been sexually abusing her for several years and she cannot take it anymore.
In the case study of 13-year old Abby we have conceive the idea that her step father is sexually abusing her.   Abby have been showing signs of withdrawal and she began to experiment with drugs and alcohol.   Abby has been running more than once.   She has never been open about her stepfather trying to sexually assault her.   In this case study Abby leans towards Sociological theory.   This theory is believed in the notion that the delinquent behavior is the product of social interaction rather than the result of heredity or personality disturbance.   When thinking about Abby and her situation things must be considered like time, place, audience, and the nature of her behavior.  
In 1985, Agnew revised the strain theory.   He discusses three types of strain that may produce deviant behavior; (1) failure to achieve goals (2) loss of a source of stability (3) individual is confronted b negative stimuli.   People who do not perceive them to be treated fairly experience strain (Agnew, 1985).   In Abby’s case if she is being abused by her stepfather than she is experiencing this type of strain.   Abby is supposed to...

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