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Just to Get Acess Essay

  • Submitted by: lolgirl55
  • on April 18, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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) Gabriella Parks
Ms. Tinnon
English III
20, April 2015
The number of children that take detrimental medication for ADHD just does not add up. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is described as a mental illness that affects a child’s attention span and his or her organization skills. Parents try to solve the problem with medication that is harmful to their children. This is hard to bring to light in a society that wants fast fixes and not a solution (Oshea 78). ADHD is dealt with in a very wrong way. ADHD is also over diagnosed in this world. Therefore hiking up the death and illness rate from taking these medications. ADHD medications are doing more harm than good in today’s world.
In the U.S., an estimated eight million American’s have been diagnosed with ADHD from 199-2010 (LeVeever 90). This number is way too high. Looking back into a world before technology, ADHD did not even exist. Children were told to behave, and they listened. Of all of the people diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S. 3.3 million people are taking powerful stimulants (Farrar 54). All of these medications can have very grave side effects and in some cases death. In the United States we focus our attention towards all of the studies proving that this faux disease is indeed a disease instead of the truth about how these medications are killing people (LeVeever 48).
ADHD is generally thought to be a childhood disorder. However, data suggests that many adults, both male and female are diagnosed. Most people diagnosed during childhood carry the supposed disorder into adulthood. This means that all of those people were Studies show that out of the number of adult cases, over 50 percent were diagnosed with ADHD as kids. Women and female children sometimes will not be diagnosed because they never made trouble. 80% of 2011children diagnosed with ADHD were males. This may also be contributing to the higher suicide rate. Usually the side effects of these medications are...

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