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Journeys Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: GeebuzJuice
  • on April 2, 2014
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When Lewis Riley first entered the derelict, fire damaged theatre owned by a Melbourne mental institution with his girlfriend Lucy and best friend Nick, it marked the start of his journey into a different world unseen from the outside. It was 1971 and the troops were still at war in Vietnam. Some patients of the Melbourne mental institution come up with the idea to do a play, the idea was to bring the patients out of there shell to build confidence. Lewis was hired as the director; he didn’t think of how great a learning experience it would be when he agreed to do the play. Lewis’s journey with the patients does not start well; Justin, a social worker at the institution, leaves Lewis alone with the patients in the theatre, there is a long silence. Author of the play Louis Nowra uses this silence technique to show Lewis’s poor leadership skills and to highlight the strange circumstance he is in. One of the first problems in Lewis’ journey is what play the patients will perform. Lewis wants to do something he is comfortable with, that has values and is important in the days of the Vietnam War. But Roy, one of the patients, insists they perform Cosi Fan Tutte, a play based around love and fidelity. Lewis is very hesitant as he thinks the theme is not important at the time and almost gives up on his journey, after re evaluating his situation and continuing his journey, Doug, a pyromaniac patient lights a fire in the toilet of the theatre and jeopardises the play, but the patients work with Lewis to lie and get out of the situation. This is a turning point in Lewis’s journey as he earns the patients trust and begins to find more confidence directing the patients. After Doug lights a second fire he is removed from the play, Lewis takes his role in the play and becomes more engaged with the project. The patients also become more involved with the production and Lewis makes positive progress on his journey. Lewis has a learning experience in his journey after his...

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