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Joseph's Story Essay

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Hey, how is school coming along? Well, thre doctor ask me to come in and talk to you for a minute. I just been informed that the doctor diagnosed you with diabetes. First, I just want to explain what diabetes is. Diabetes is a disorder of the human immune system that makes it hard for the body to produce insulin. Without the insulin, the body can't convert sugar from food into nutrients for cells. It's a disease that children and adults can get and requires supplemental insulin along with diet and exercise to control it.
There are two homeostatic imbalances that can lead to diabetes and that is when the body does not produce enough or overproduce the hormone insulin. All of this happening in your pancreas which is a major endocrine organ. When your body can't maintain a state of homeostasis, it effects your heart and how you feel. Negative feedback in homeostasis is the process which your body system maintain its normal states. When changes occur in the body   that is not normal, negative feedback responds and bring everything back to its normal range.
Diabetes have short term and long term complication. Long term complications include heart disease, nerve, kidney, and eye damage, skin and mouth infections, and bone and joint problems. There is not really a cure for diabetes but you can manage it by checking your sugar daily, eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Do you have any questions? Ok, Have a good day.


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