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Jonah Case Essay

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Case Analysis: Jonah Creighton
More and more examples prove that having and using political skills in the workplace is a key to success. Using good political skills means you could better negotiate, persuade, and communicate. However, Jonah Creighton didn’t use any political skills. In my opinion, Jonah knew the “soft policy” existed in the process of finding the right fit for recruits. Based on his experience working with recruits, he noticed that, “If you had angered someone in a business unit or had affected someone the wrong way, you probably wouldn’t get the nod.” But he didn’t apply what he learned from recruits to his own life. His performance grade went down from 4.5 to 2.5 because he didn’t use any political skills when he tried to influence his boss and others.
As a “manager” of recruits, he was too direct to them. For example, when recruits felt confused about the rules, he said, “This is not a benevolent association for your personal growth. It’s a company trying to make a profit.” It might be true and the recruits may have known it because most of organizations were built for profit. However, recruits will feel uncomfortable when he directly tells them that they are nothing but a money machine.
However, in fact, Jonah tried to help the recruits. He tried to urge Dan to be more open and always explain policy changes to the recruits. But the way Jonah expressed himself makes him sound self-serving and like he was not concern about others. Jonah could have explained to recruits that the rules change quickly and this may lead to misunderstanding. Although he could not have explained everything to recruits, he could have said he will make sure jobs will be assigned to them fairly based on their performance. I think if he did this, everyone would have felt comfortable and the recruits would have trusted him more because they would have thought Jonah and the company really cared about them.
As a subordinate, Jonah didn’t show enough respect to Dan. He...

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