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John Steinbeck Bio Essay

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Brendan Bunce

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John Steinbeck is one of the most popular and powerful novelists in American history.   This impressive reputation only precedes his name due to the realism and universal themes captivated in his writings.   Steinbeck’s works appeal to the everyday person because he was inspired by experiences in his life that are so commonly occurring in American culture.   John was born in 1902 in Salinas Valley, California (Reuben).   This later became the location for many of his books and short stories.   He was the third child of four in his middle-class, close-knit family.   Expressing his interest in literature at an early age, Steinbeck became associate editor of his high school newspaper.   He also wrote many articles and short stories for the paper, which then transpired later into him writing for his college newspaper, The Stanford Spectator (Reuben).  
It was told that he once remarked to another student, “You know, I write the purest English of anyone in the world” (McCarthy 8).  
While at Stanford, Steinbeck studied English yet he never earned an actual degree.   After he dropped out, John began worked various ordinary jobs: factory worker, millworker, ranch hand (Reuben).   This portion of his life consisted of traveling and pursuing his dream of becoming a writer.   With his travels came his stories, and they were often tales about life on the road and the people that Steinbeck met, sometimes facts and sometimes fiction.   Without a degree or a white-collar job Steinbeck learned life the hard way like most Americans in this time.   In retrospect, his raw personal experiences most likely helped him the most in connecting with so many readers nationwide.   His restless self found enjoyment in his adventures and relaying them into words was his talent.
In 1929, John Steinbeck published his first novel, Cup of Gold (Reuben).   However it was not until Steinbeck was 33 that he gained financial independence through...

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