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Johhny Cades Family Interveiw Essay

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  • on April 18, 2015
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To the left Is Johnny cade and on the bottom Is Johnny’s good mates/gang The Greasers
To the left Is Johnny cade and on the bottom Is Johnny’s good mates/gang The Greasers
Johnny Cade’s family
Hello my name is Serena paberton, I am a social worker and lately I have been inspecting the cade family.

About the house, the house doesn’t look like a family home and it is slightly rundown maybe this is like this because the family have A LOT of issues and need some help I had a look in the rooms, in the parents room they have a double bed and a dresser and a wardrobe there is not much belonging just a very simple room, and for Johnny, his room is just a bed a wardrobe and maybe a few cigarettes , but since Johnny is hardly home there is not much in the room is almost feels lifeless or cold.

Johnny’s behaviour at school:
I was lucky enough to go to Johnny’s school to sit at the back of the class, to inspect Johnny’s behaviour. He seems like a very nice lad and he doesn’t seem to be fussed about things, he does get a bit jumpy but he is not the best student he doesn’t contribute to the class very often, only if the teacher/s ask him to answer or contribute but he sometimes gets snappy. Johnny is very different person when he is with his mates/gang but he is still quiet.

Family dynamics
The family don’t seem to have a good relationship, most of the time you can hear Johnny’s parents fight they Are so loud that before Johnny enters the house he can her them yelling at each other. Sometimes he goes in but most of the time he just goes back to pony boy Curtis, Johnny’s good mate, and just stays over the night or something. Johnny get kind of scared of his parents and doesn’t like talking to them much since they always tell him of, or yelling at him

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