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Jfk Life Essay

  • Submitted by: littlemonsterxo
  • on March 22, 2012
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One cannot be sure how to exactly judge a president on how well or not he did in his terms as president. Do you judge the character or the things done whether good or bad? For someone like President John F. Kennedy do you judge him on the things he did or simply by the fact that his last name Kennedy had already been so famous before he even stepped in office? But he did make significance by himself too and not only that but ones that still are in affect today. But did the short life of this young president effect the future and what could have been if he was not shot and killed? Would the world have been better if he was able to serve his other term as president?
The significance of the brief presidency of John F. Kennedy was not only that he was the youngest president to be elected at his the time he won the position as President of the United States, but it was also that he knew all along that he was not going to live a very long life as it was. Throughout the entire time he served in office he was not medically in any position to run such a large country and take on the events and situations he had too. John F. Kennedy suffered from Addison’s disease and a degenerative back problem caused by a birth defect that put him in so much pain that he took his chances on a very dangerous and fatal surgery. He had a traumatic surgery done for his back pain and at this time, because trauma triggers Addison’s disease, no one had survived the surgery. But in the end Kennedy ended up being one who survived. He was on a lot of different strong medications every day of his life including for sleeping that how can one in right state of mind to make such important decisions in that conditions? Therefore, we can conclude as Reeves says, “he did not wait his turn” (p. 86). I completely have to agree with Reeves and I think this because Kennedy was afraid he might not live a long life and just took every chance he got because of how eager he was.
With all of the good and bad...

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