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Jay Gatsby Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby works his entire life to be rich just so he can get Daisy back, however it turns into an obstacle in getting her. Since Gatsby was originally from a poor family, when he achieved wealth in his later years, he was considered “new money.” This “new money,” was the main problem in getting Daisy. She was considered from “old money,” which is when you come from a family who had money. Gatsby did many things to try to get back with Daisy, he even tried to hide his money so that Daisy did not know where it came from, which he hoped would allow her to come and be with him.
When Gatsby and Daisy first met, Gatsby was in the war, and very poor. He came from a middle-class working family, who never had a good amount of money. Daisy however, came from a wealth family and because of the division between social classes; it was frowned upon for them to pursue their love for each other. After they met, and Gatsby realized he could not have Daisy, he devoted the rest of his life to get rich and get back with Daisy. Gatsby ended up becoming extremely wealth, which allowed him to buy a house near Daisy, and get many extravagant things, which lured her into coming by his house. When Nick was invited to one of Gatsby’s parties, he immediately realizes Gatsby’s wealth when he says, “This is just a little glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of Mr. Jay Gatsby. Pretty crazy, huh?”
Jay Gatsby tried many things to get Daisy over to his house, including using his neighbor, Nick Carraway, to invite her over for team so he can meet her again. For this tea party, Gatsby sent workers over to cut Nick’s lawn, set up flowers around his house, and bring a fine silver tea set. This was all for trying to impress Daisy so that she would come to his house, and it worked. When Daisy came to Nick’s house, she saw Gatsby’s in a distance and asked if they could all go and take a tour. She was shocked at the amount of wealth that Gatsby had, but...

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