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Jawa Essay

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by Mycola Kapytonenko

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Source: Europolis, Journal Of Political Science And Theory (Europolis, Journal Of Political Science And Theory), issue: 6 / 2009, pages: 585­603, on www.ceeol.com.



euroPOLIS 6/2009 GLOBALIZATION, NATION-STATE, AND GLOBAL SECURITY ARRANGEMENTS Mykola Kapitonenko Institute of International Relations, Kiev
Abstract Like “imperialism” in the beginning of the 20th century, “power” in the 1950-s, “interdependence” in the 1970-s, “globalization” is one of the signposts of today’s political analysis. It marks a wide range of phenomena, covering all major fields of social life. The world globalises economically, technologically, politically, ecologically and in a number of other ways. Literally speaking, globalization affects everything; and every theory in political science has something to say about the causes, impacts, and effects produced by it. This article focuses on the specific impact globalization has upon the nation-state as a central element of international politics and the ways it affects global security. It provides a theoretical framework for further empirical investigations. The political dimension of globalization is under examination, and, more specifically, the way it transforms international politics. First, key theoretical approaches to globalization will be critically examined. Then, the impact of globalization on the nation-state – still a primary international relations unit – will be revisited. The article will be summarized by discussing the ways globalization challenges, transforms and enhances global security arrangements.

Introduction It’s been a common wisdom that globalization provides additional opportunities not only for states and societies, but for the whole international...

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