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Jason's Story Essay

  • Submitted by: rmiley
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Rachel Miley

After reading Jason’s story and really thinking about it, I would say that Jason is the root problem of the situation. The teacher is there to help out all the students and has received a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. For a teacher to reach their degree requires them to learn and pass classes. So I feel that teachers are very well equipped to teach students and are not dumb and do not lack the skills necessary for any class. What the teacher assigns you is what needs to be done regardless of what an individual thinks. You are in the class because of choice and this is the thing you must deal with if you want to move on to the next level in your education. So with that being said, Jason is the problem since he feels like the teacher is lacking skills. The assignment is being offered to you to be completed in the lab. If you know you can’t complete it later at home faithfully then take the offered time that is given. I know this is about Jason but I feel like if you know you can complete it at home and think better with a quiet area, do it at home. That is why I like completing labs due to the quietness and the ability to think about what I want to write. Enough of that though. Back to Jason. Jason’s thinking pattern of his teacher is leading him to feel like who cares for the homework and the teacher. This way of thinking again can cause so many problems. I even read where the teacher had informed him of his missing labs. Now that is an excellent teacher since they are coming to you to let you know of the situation with your grades. Some teachers would let you fail and not give a second thought about it. Jason contacting the Dean was not wise and when the situation is presented, Jason will be the one that looks poor.
There are several solutions that could help out the situation that Jason has put himself into. One of these solutions is to apply himself at school on Friday nights and not leave tell the advised time. Sure you will be...

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