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Italian History Essay

  • Submitted by: michelledjiady
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: History
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Michelle Djie
Italian 50
Essay #3
  1. Analyze and compare the use of fantasy in both Cinema Paradiso and Life is beautiful.
There are a lot of different kinds of fantasy used in Cinema Paradiso and Life is beautiful. In Cinema Paradiso, the use of fantasy, an imagination or visionary idea, could be seen from how Toto’s mother kept fantasizing that her husband will return to their side when she exactly knew that deep inside he will not be able to return due to the danger of war. Also, how the people’s lives were projected in the movie played in the cinema, a cinema that was shown to be the center of entertainment that the people have in the city. In Life is beautiful, the use of fantasy could be seen when Guido was taught by Feruccio that as long as you keep thinking about what you want, it will come true and Guido believed it. Also, for example, when Dora first met Guido, Guido made a lot of shocking yet swooning move whereby he could predict how long till they get their ice cream, or when he asked for a dry hat then immediately he got one and Dora did not know that he already knew that it would happen. Lastly, Guido made Giosue, his son, to fantasize about winning the “game” and to get a real tank. Based on my observation, the use of fantasy in both movies are of course different, but to be specific, they are different in the sense that in Cinema Paradiso, the use of fantasy were more towards their mindset and imagination while in Life is Beautiful, it is all about Guido’s luck. He kept on trying on using purely on his luck to “coincidentally” meet the doctor and his friend that could give him the perfect opportunities to amaze Dora with his sense of humor I would call it.

  2. Both movies are divided in two parts, the first one comic and the second one melancholy. What is the turning point? Comment on specific comic and dramatic sequences.
In Cinema Paradiso, the turning point was when everything that Toto had, his “father” and love, were needed...

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