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It 299 Unit 4 Essay

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Network Operating System
The network operating system (NOS), is a piece of software that controls other software and hardware that may run on a network (Husted, 2010). In the case of Bench Fitness Centers, we will implement the Windows Server 2008 operating system. Server 2008 is the newest NOS from Microsoft, which can allow Bench Fitness to grow with virtualization (Microsoft, 2010). Using virtual technology can enable bench Fitness to add servers at minimal cost, as their needs dictate.
Windows server 2008 comes with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), which is the central location from which the Bench Fitness Administrators can manage user profiles, printers, computers, and applications (Microsoft, 2010). Bench Fitness Administrators will be mainly concerned with user accounts and groups here. Creating a user account can be as simple as creating a new object in Active Directory, thereby giving the user access to devices on the network. Once an account is created, administrators can also dictate password policies for the end users. This means that we can force users to create password that meet certain security criteria. For instance, some employees may choose to use the work password for the network password.
While this may gain access to the network for the employee, it is often the first tried password by an un-authorized user in an attempt to gain access to a network. Using password policies, we can force the user to have a minimum password length as well as password complexity. In active directory, we can also force the use of special characters for password use. Using policies such as these, the word password will no longer be a acceptable password for users. Instead they may be forced to use P@sswo5d for their password, based on the rules set by the administrator. Using these policies, we can maintain the integrity of the network by limiting access to only authorized personnel.
Another typical concern is physical security of the server itself....

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