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Iscf Moving Forward Essay

  • Submitted by: darrel
  • on March 22, 2012
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SCFiSCF moving forward  
Good afternoon everyone. I must first apologise for my absence. As you should all know by now I am pregnant with a twin and I am restricted from doing long and frequent travelling. Nevertheless, thank God for technology, as I am able to still share with you in this milestone of iSCF Rusea’s High School.
As I consider your theme “iSCF moving forward”, I can’t help reflecting on Genesis 1:2 especially the part that states “And the Spirit of God moved”. This always reminds me that our God is a moving God. And the truth is iSCF is always moving too, because it is an organisation that is led by God. In otherwise, the owner, the boss, the CEO of iSCF Jamaica is not the board of directors or the general secretary it is the ONLY TRUE GOD.
If I was here I could stand or sit and tell you many stories about iSCF Jamaica and I know you too, especially those graduating have their stories also, but for the sake of those coming in, all I will tell you now is that iSCF Jamaica is an inter-denominational,   inspiring, student-led, structured, Christian and fun organisation. We are a part of a bigger movement, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) that operates worldwide.
Our history started back in 1944 when a remarkable Australian, C. Stacey Wood, who was General Secretary of the Canadian Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), had an unplanned and unscheduled layover in Jamaica due to a problem-plagued flying boat. Fortunately, he was marooned in Kingston for 5 days where he visited schools and teachers’ colleges and met with church leaders and Christian educators who solicited the support of IVCF in their endeavor to broaden the scope for spreading Christian faith and ethics. The Canadian IVCF General Secretary sends Ms. Cathie Nicoll, their senior staff worker to Jamaica, where she arrived on October 13, 1948. She stayed for three months where she pioneered 6 high schools (Wolmers’ Girls, Wolmers’ Boys, Jamaica College,...

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