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Is Technology in Control Essay

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Shirin Mizan
Instructor: Quintin Hewlett
SCIE 16048G

Is Technology in Control
Technology, is an offspring of scientific knowledge, is no doubt a conclusive proof of humans' imagination. “We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly Has an inherent danger that is not visible but it is present depend on science and technology” as Carl Sagan said. I, personally, believe in the notion, and to specifically cease such thoughts, I shall deal with local evidence that has been believed to affirm the conception. However, technology has an inherent danger that is not visible but present.
R.D. Parslow in his Article – Technology: A threat to democracy said that we cannot ignore the informatics revolution without a tariff war, so, we are faced with massive short term unemployment. I also believe that technology is invading our freedom to think and work as technology is replacing people in many occupations. Why would businesses employ people to do the same job they can get a machine to do for no pay and a low running costs. Something as simple as a calculator, replacing the individual's need to come up with the answer themselves when they can just put the calculation into the calculator and have the answer given to them.
Technology has made living in the world a bit more claustrophobic. Cameras on street corners, government surveillance of Internet use, and surveillance of our individual whereabouts via GPS signals from cellular phones and smart phones have created people’s lives highly controlled in today's world. It sounds like technology is becoming invasive.
I think that the technology in the world is getting out of hand. People are broadcasting their private lives on the technology more these days than ever. Where has the fun and friendship gone? Most of the people always stick with their personal gadgets. I asked few people about the reason. The firm and persistent reply is, "I couldn't live without my phone, it's a part of...

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