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Is Money Everything? Essay

  • Submitted by: randrespalacio
  • on August 21, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 350 words

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Is Money Everything?

This essay was written due to the conflict that exists between the people who think that Money is everything and the people who don´t agree. In the next paragraphs I am going to show you some of the arguments presented by each side, and then we are going to come to a conclusion.

In our everyday life, the use of money is noticeable, even in those things some people say it is not. For example: (Love) while falling in love people spend lots of money trying to look good, buying gifts, transporting to dates, eating together etc.. (Health) If you have any kind of problem related to your health and you want to solve it or get better, you have to see a doctor, buy some medicines, follow a treatment or a diet, even use those traditional medicaments suggested by grandmothers, all these helpers have an economical value regardless the type of medicine. (Family) In order to have your family, they have to spend a vast amount of money to grow up, eat, keep healthy, and keep together etc… because living in our time is money-consuming.
On the other hand, there are some vital things we don’t pay for, like the air we breathe or the sunshine we receive, hence we can state that Money is useful to reach some important things but not useful to reach other vital things, Nevertheless before coming to a conclusion I would like to clarify that money as a means of exchange can never be an end, because money is just the instrument we use to be changed for goods or services, therefore money doesn’t even have an intrinsic value.

In conclusion, money, the most efficient medium of exchange so far, is of great utility in our everyday life, but it is not enough to get everything to live, and definitely it is not everything because, in reality it is not the product people are after, what people really want are those goods or services we may get by means of the money.

By: Richard A. Palacio M.

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