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Is Biofuel an Effective Substitute for Fossil Fuel? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Is Biofuel an Effective Substitute for Fossil Fuel?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The planet has been profoundly explored as the human population grows fast. As a result, many natural resources are coming to an end. This essay will discuss why it is extremely important to find renewable alternatives that could replace our traditional energy source – the fossil fuel – and focus on successful uses of biofuel, which have comparable performance, but do not emit carbon dioxide.

Fossil fuel is a natural, but not renewable, energy font, which contains high potential and has been used for long time. The problem is that besides being a finite source, it creates emissions when burned, which increase the Global Warming Effect, and also can affect water supplies and the environment as general. In many countries, there are taxes imposed by the government on carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel, what makes the reason to search for substitutes such a crucial thing. The purpose of taxing carbon emanations is making global effect lower in the future than it is now. At the moment, it requires increasing production of alternatives energies.

Many organizations in the world are conducting research in the area of biogas, and it has been successful in many countries because the systems generate heat and electricity from a diverse assortment of waste, that eventually would decompose and release methane into the atmosphere, bringing benefits to the society and the environment. According to Rosenthal (2010), renewable energy has become more popular throughout Europe. Kristianstad in Sweden has been particularly successful in using biogas because it is an opportunity fuel considering that the region is an epicentre of farming and food processing, so they can burn gas emanating from diverse assortment of organic waste.

However, the initials costs to those who still will implant the biogas project are very high. It includes costs for new constructions and technologies, and also require changing habits of the population, which will have to spend more on...

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