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Irony Essay

  • Submitted by: dmendez
  • on April 4, 2014
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Irony Essay

Kids should be allowed to run rampant on the internet. Think of all the education they would receive. Also us parents would have plenty leisure time. And the money spent on the internet would be a lot cheaper than having to take them to the mall or movies. This can become their community environment. Like at the mall or movie theater, they can still develop their identities.
First who really wants to have the uncomfortable talk about the birds and the bees with their kid anyway right? Assuming your kid is a boy. Having to explain what goes in what hole and why not put it in that hole ,very uncomfortable. And them being the curios youths that they are, imagine the questions that would prolong the already uncomfortable talk. For example, wait what, why can’t I sleep with her friend? For those of you who have teen boys you know what I’m talking about. So with access to the internet they’ll explore porn sites that will visually explain it all. What a relief that would be!
Second, what would we do with ourselves having leisure time? We wouldn’t have any obligation or responsibility to keep our kids entertained. Therefore we would be free to engage in enjoyable activities. Instead of hurrying home, I could hurry to the strip club and hang out with my coworkers. As long as I order pizza to the house, I would be fulfilling my obligation. That’s if he even answers the door.
So u see there are good benefits for those of us parents, to allow our kids to run rampant on the internet. They will still get the proper education they need without the uncomfortable feeling. We parents get much needed leisure time and we save money in the process. So why not?

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