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Iron Lady Essay

  • Submitted by: lgutie01
  • on March 24, 2012
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Topic area
Margaret Thatcher
Research Question and its significance to knowledge
Margaret Thatcher’s strong character and her cognitive skills was able to led England as the first the first woman prime minister of England in1979.

Literature review
Characteristics that made Margaret Thatcher a leader:
• hard-working,
• single-minded,
• fascinated by detail
• A swift master of every brief.
• She was fierce,
• impatient,
• sharp,
• fearless,
• Inexhaustible.

Previous research
Thatcher’s style – a stark framing of the world based upon essentially dichotomous categorizations – was a key aspect of her political personality and, consequently, an important factor in events while she was in office. She earned her name as the Iron Lady with her white-black way of thinking.
Your preliminary work on the topic
Being female was a danger, although class was the greater obstacle for Thatcher: she was so very lower middle class -- a grocer's daughter who never quite lost her regional accent, never mind her chemistry degree from Oxford and her successful studies as a tax lawyer. Investigate deeper who the Iron Lady really is, and how she was able to overcome all the obstacles that came her way.
The remaining questions and their inter-locking logic
In reference to the material covered in class, how does Margaret demonstrate characteristics of a leader? (Personal characteristics, intelligence and ability, personality, social characteristics, work-related characteristics and social background)
Can one see how Margaret reflects the Big Five Personality Dimensions?
What personality trait does her posses?
Reprise of your resulting question in this context
Throughout my report I will be focusing on her strong character and her way of thinking as a channel of success to her role as the first women prime minister in England.

Approach to answering the question
Use my fact-finding skills to gather enough...

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