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Interviewing Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Group Project: Outline
Introduction: Everyone here either has a job, needs a job, or will be looking for a job sometime in the future. Being prepared for the interview that comes along with the process is a key step in getting the job. It’s your first lasting impression of your actual self with someone of importance. Have a bad interview, and you might as well kiss the job goodbye. A good interview, however, might just land you the job. In our presentation we will demonstrate the right and wrong ways to interview, as well as what to do before, during, and after you meet with your potential employer.
Prior to the interview:
• Do research on the company: Find out as much general information as you can to seem prepared.
• Visit a job site discretely: You want to see how the workers behave and even how they dress. This will help you with picking out your outfit for the interview. As a general rule of thumb, dry to one-up the dress. If the general attire at your potential workplace is a dress shirt and slacks, you should probably go in wearing a three-piece suit. If the work attire is a uniform, a shirt and slacks will do fine.
• Comb over your resume: make sure your resume is up to date and accurate.
• Be prepared: make sure you have the date, time and location of your interview written down. Make sure to know exactly where to go so you aren’t late. Thinks to ask or make sure of before leaving to your interview are:
o Room numbers.
o Floor numbers.
o Parking situation.
o Directions if needed.
o Clearance passes/security check point.
o Any other situation that may be unexpected.
The reason for asking these is to insure you are not late. Also, always know your route and the traffic situation at the time you are planning to leave. You should always be seated in the office, ready for the interview 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

During the interview:
• Make sure your phone is completely off. Even vibrations can be herd.
• When called in, do a...

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