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Intel 1999 Essay

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Intel Corporation in 1999

Intel built its early success on providing ingredients for personal computers with its prime driver being technology. Founded by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore and widely associated with the executive leadership and vision of Andrew Grove, Intel combines advanced chip design capability with a leading-edge manufacturing capability. Though Intel was originally known primarily to engineers and technologists, its "Intel Inside" advertising campaign of the 1990s made it a household name, along with its Pentium processors. It was dominated by engineers and worked closely with Microsoft and PC manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq and IBM.
The new strategy continues the emphasis on producing excellent products. However, there is now a strong focus on marketing- finding out what customers want and then meeting their requirements. Customers need to know what these new products can do for them
From the case we learn about a company which is a leader in segment which is driven by constant innovation and how a strong support on research and development is programs is essential for the company to survive. The role of customers is definitive in such an environment
Product, Market and Customers
Intel started its business in computer component business which was microprocessor. The computer industry itself was at nascent stage and constant innovation in this sector was bound to happen. The market of such type of products was raw.
Intel’s customers are large computer manufactures like H.P, Dell, Compaq hence Intel is influenced by customer choice and has to work according to their demands and preference. An industry which is strongly driven by R&D these customers play a big role in the R&D and launch of new products

The customers decide whether the differentiators claimed by any company are good or bad and accordingly the success of company depends. The in-house manufacturing in Intel is an...

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