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Int1 - Task 3 Essay

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INT1 – Task 3
Physical Science Experiment
Eric A
How Will Changes in Temperature and Moisture on the Time Rate in Bread Molding?
  A. Project Design Plan
Moldy food is an unfortunate side effect that many Americans encounter on a daily basis.   Molds are fungi that grow from microscopic spores that are present in air, on plants and animals, and even water.   When those fungi spores land on food, the mold begins to feed itself by a chemical processes of breaking down the food, growing, and spreading during the process.   According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) molds can be very dangerous to ingest, but can also cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues simply through physical handling and inhaling of certain molds.   On some foods, such as cheeses and certain hard meats, small amounts of mold are harmless and actually desired.   On other food products such as fruit and bread, the presence of any mold makes the food rotten and inedible.   In order to prolong the life of certain foods, it is important to optimize the storage temperature and location (USDA, 2015).
A.1 - Literature Review
There are many experiments researching mold, and their effects of food.  
The Canadian Journal of Microbiology published a study on the effect of temperature and moisture in the growth of mold on rice cakes.   The study focused on two of the most common forms of food mold, two strains of penicillium.   The results showed that of the two factors, moisture in the form of water levels, was the more significant variable effecting mold growth.   In the absence of water, the temperature had little effect on the start of mold growth, although those at warmer temperatures did spread faster than those at colder temperatures.   In the presence of water, warmer temperatures, those around 30 degrees Celsius, provided the more ideal environment for mold formation and growth (Ji et al, 2007).
The Institute of Food Technologists conducted research in an attempt to...

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