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Inside the Court Essay

  • Submitted by: esteban9494
  • on April 3, 2014
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Esteban E. Adorno
Writing Tech. 0324-10003
Prof. Cathleen Stevenson  
November 12, 2013
Inside The Court

      What do you know about basketball? James Naismith invented basketball in December 1891, in Massachusetts. The sport started by putting a peach basket on each side of the gymnasium. It originally started with nine players from each team playing on the court at the same time. Then, the number of players gradually decreased to five players playing from each team on the court. Later, basketball was introduced to Europe and became a worldwide famous sport. Above all, basketball consists of three main elements to play the game, a team, an offense, and a defense.
      The most import role in basketball is having a good team that works together towards the goal of winning the game. There can’t be selfish players that want to do everything by themselves on the court. The team comes together by passing the ball and looking for the best opportunity to score. A good team is lead by a committed coach. Coaches lead their team by encouraging, and making his or her basketball team determined to become better. Coaches make strategic plays for the offence and defense so the players can follow while playing the game. It is said that a basketball team is more than just 5 players on the court; the team has to come together as a family.
      Another element that is used in basketball is the offence. The offense is where a team in possession of the ball, primary duty is to attempt to score against the defense. Coaches make up different offense plays for the players to score. There are many different types offence plays that each individual coach likes to use. The offense has five different category players while playing. Two guards, one center, and two forwards. One of those is a point guard; which brings down the ball and calls the offense plays to his teammates. The second guard is called a shooting guard and is a player whose main role is to score points out in the...

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