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Innocent Man Essay

  • Submitted by: rhondaleschber
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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The Death Penalty and Its Flaws
Rhonda Leschber
Temple College


By reading the book “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham it is found that the justice system, how what goes on behind of the interrogation rooms, the cells of prisons and truth about court rooms.   It is discovered how innocent men are suspects for a murder and railroaded into convictions.   The novel proves that the justice system in this country is non-perfect and that innocent men are convicted for a crime they did not commit. It is important that even those that do not have financial abilities are provided adequate counsel so that they have access to a fair trial.

Justice in America is not always fair and justice, as it is discovered when reading.   It is found in this true story, how Ron Williamson of the small town Ada, Oklahoma is convicted and sentenced to death row for a murder he did not commit. (Grisham, “The Innocent Man” 2006)   The book reveals how the justice system allows the police to interrogate people ruthlessly and how it brings the people being interrogated to the brink of a mental break down.   Suspects being interrogated find themselves admitting to things that never happened.   In this reflection paper it is realized that even though the justice system provides legal aid to those that cannot afford legal cost, the legal aid that is received is not always adequate to fight for those that are clearly innocent.
Ron Williamson a young man that grew up in Ada, Oklahoma with hopes and dreams to make it out of this small that he grew up to become a successful baseball player.   As he grew into adulthood and after he ran through the signing bonus that he received, his life turned into a large mess where he ended hanging out in night clubs, doing drugs, and alcohol abuse. Ron was dropped by Oakland and a few other teams which dropped him right into reality.   He found that life was not as easy as he once thought it was and it became much more complicated as are soon to find...

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