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Information Technology Infrastructure Essay

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The ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library was started in the 1980’s in the United Kingdom. IBM came out with a version of it call ISMA or Information Systems Management Architecture. In this paper I will answer three questions. What is a ITIL, what are the goals of the ITIL, and what are the principle components of the ITIL?

What is the ITIL
The ITIL is short for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is the accepted “best practice” proposal to ITSM in the world.   In the 1980’s the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency or “CCTA” , created the IT Infrastructure Library and is a registered trademark of the UK’s OGC or Office of Government Commerce. The library was not very large when it started but it was the beginning of something that would grow and be used by many companies.

What are the goals of the ITIL
The goals of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library are to increase customer satisfaction, increase availability of service, lower the amount of downtime, improve performance, lower costs, and speed up IT response time. Increasing service availability, lowering downtime, and speeding up IT response time keeps customers pleasant with the company. Improving performance and lowering costs ultimately keep the company happy. By meeting these goals and objectives IT help desks can operate more efficiently.

What are the principle components of the ITIL
The principle components of the ITIL are IT Service Management, IT Operational Guidance, Planning Guidelines, and ITIL Small-scale Implementation. The IT Service Management consists of two parts, Service Support and Delivery. These pertain to the support customers receive and how it is being delivered to them like phone or internet. IT Operational Guidance five parts. Security Management, Information and Communication Technology, Business Perspective, Application Management, and Software Asset Management. These are all at the company level and deal with the...

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