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Information Systems Usage in Business Functions Essay

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Below is an essay on "Information Systems Usage in Business Functions" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Describe how information systems could be used in typical business functions such as human resource, accounting or marketing?

For the purpose of this project I will focus only on one industry but when you are done reading through it, you will see how this system can be used in any business industry. The industry I chose are supermarkets, here we can see how this system works from the lower entry levels to the highest position.
Running a successful you need to know where your resources are needed and how they are being used. If these records are not kept up to date and accurate, your resources can and most surely, be misused and this can end your business. In order to know how much we spend per department we must keep track of inventory for the merchandise, employees needed per department and hours needed per employment per department.
The janitorial department needs to use supplies and those supplies need to be replenished. Stockers need to keep shelves stocked fully. Cashiers need to ring up purchases and assistance in customer service. Managers need to know how their departments are doing on sales and what sells most in their department.
There are several information systems that are used in a supermarket. Stockers scan the merchandise placed on the shelves with hand held scanners. These scanners can help in ordering needed merchandise automatically, the cashier scans the merchandise the customer is checking out, this is called the P.O.S. (point of sale). This action records when the inventory is being used, which items are most popular, which sales pitch are most used.
All this combined and more is recorded and upper managers can run a tape monthly or quarterly to see how each department is doing, which is stronger, what sells what doesn’t, do we need more employees or less, replace one item for another, etc.
Now you can see how this system can be placed in any business and help that business maintain a competitive advantage.

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