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Info On Hydroelectric Essay

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Solar Energy Cons:
  * The major con of solar energy is the initial cost of solar cells. Currently, prices of highly efficient solar cells can be above $1000, and some households may need more than one. This makes the initial installation of solar panels very costly.
  * Solar energy is only able to generate electricity during daylight hours. This means for around half of each day, solar panels are not producing energy for your home.
  * The weather can affect the efficiency of solar cells.
  * Pollution can be a con of solar energy, as pollution levels can affect a solar cells efficiency, this would be a major con for businesses or industry wishing to install solar panels in heavily polluted areas, such as cities.
Cons Of Wind Energy

There are only two main drawbacks to wind energy. The rest of the list is rather petty and lame in terms of negative aspects, especially when compared to fossil fuel and nuclear energy production.
The first major negative aspect of wind energy is wind itself. The wind is not reliable and without it you can't produce any energy. Over time this becomes less and less of a problem because of stored energy and better predictability. However, most larger scale projects never get off the ground because of the long time period it would take for an installation to become productive. Once wind patterns and energy production data is established, daily and monthly fluctuations become less of a worry.
The second major drawback with wind energy is the relatively low output compared to other types of energy production. To date it is still cheaper in the short term to generate energy from nuclear and fossil fueled powered plants. These non-renewable production plants can produce more energy, faster and cheaper which unfortunately still outweigh the benefits of sustainability and environmental consciousness, for the government and business sectors anyway.

The other minor cons of wind energy is their minor impact on the...

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