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Infinite Jest Essay

  • Submitted by: emimatamoros
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Emilia Matamoros
Infinite Jest: A Novel Written By David Foster Wallace, the American with a True Purpose
Infinite Jest is a novel that has had a great impact on me as a person and has helped me understand many of the reasons why people that become attached to trivial things will usually end up feeling lonely. I believe that loneliness is not only the feeling of being alone in the world, but it is also the result of losing the sense of purpose. The author, David Foster Wallace, was a very lonely man, as he very publicly expressed. He held the belief that art was, in a way, a representation of loneliness. Art, the manifestation of loneliness. Yet, art is the very thing that makes man human, and what allows humans cope with loneliness.
Infinite Jest is an extensive, 1000+ page piece of art. A masterpiece. This it is, because not only does it envision my every thought, and not only mine, but the thoughts of every human capable of recognizing that this world is headed in the wrong direction and the sadness of it all, but it is also   the most grammatically and syntactically appealing work in my opinion. This semi-parodic “futuristic” work of fiction demonstrates DFW´s full commitment towards literature, and allows him to prove that the mere purpose of writing is to exhibit the author’s geniality. And that’s what he is: a GENIUS. Not a single meaningless sentence can be found in the lapse of the 1097 pages of the amazingly written book. His words, his syntax, his eloquence… it is all the representation of a great mind with a purpose. The purpose to entertain, to challenge, and to educate readers. The novel has such a great appeal for the reader who seeks to be entertained by its humor, for the one who is amused by his words, for the one who shares his beliefs, and even for the one that is more inclined towards numbers and mathematical patterns rather than just words that happen to be amazingly put together. This is because, DFW being the genius that he is, designed...

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