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Infidelity Essay

  • Submitted by: johnsmith2332
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Shakespeare
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‘The ‘tragedy’ is an outdate genre that has no relevance when attempting to explore modern concepts such as infidelity. I disagree with this because a tragedy does have relevance when exploring modern concepts such as infidelity.

Although create hundreds of years apart, both Othello and Unfaithful utilise the tragedy genre to represent the dangerous path that infidelity takes individuals down. The themes betrayal, jealousy, and loyalty are in both texts and prove that even though they were written in different time periods they still have the genre of tragedy. They show that humans have the same nature and act very similar which helps highlight the dangerous path of infidelity that takes the characters down.
The two texts I will be using to show this is a play called Othello, written by Shakespeare and a movie called Unfaithful, directed by Adrian Lyne.

A representation is a portrayal if someone or something in a particular way. This can be viewed or seen by differently by each person.
Infidelity is the breach of sexual exclusivity. It also not just about adultery but also trust, betrayal, lying and disloyalty in a relationship.
A tragedy is a dramatic composition, often in verse, dealing with a serious theme, typically with a main character that has a flaw with some overpowering force, which brings them to their own downfall or destruction.

Othello is a classic Shakespearian play that is about the downfall of a general called Othello by the lies, betrayal and schemes of the antagonist Iago. Othello was written in a time when boys were allowed to marry at the age of fourteen and women could be forced into marriage. This lead to a lot of adultery which meant that people were very scared and cautious about their partner’s loyalty.
Unfaithful on the other hand is about a woman with a husband and son, called Connie who literally bumped into the temptation of another man which led to her own and family’s downfall. The movie was made in the time when...

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