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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: Swimmer101
  • on April 3, 2014
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Before the Industrial Revolution, England was much different then we find it now. The Revolution brought them new roads, tools, trains, and new ways to communicate. The Industrial Revolution had a great impact on present day England.

“The stream of English scientific thought was one of the main tributaries of the industrial revolution…” [Document 5] As more people became educated, systematic thought became more spread out. Many people were trying to make life easier and less time consuming. People like John Kay and James Hargreaves and many others were working on making weaving faster and easier. John Kay invented the flying shuttle which increased the speed of weaving [Document 6]. James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny that spun 8-10 threads at a time and could be used at home [Document 6].

“The great improvements have been made by the following methods: By enclosing without the help of Parliament, By the introduction of a four year rotation of crops, By growing turnips, clover, and rye grass, By the country being divided chiefly into large farms.” [Document 8] With the help of all the new agricultural inventions included the horse-drawn seed drill, stock breeding, the mechanical reaper, [Document 7] etc. it made industrializing in England easier.   With the invention of these few tools, the people of England were able to harvest grain easier, they had better quality of animals to produce more meat, milk, and wool [Document 7].

“I have seen a small manufactory of this kind where ten men only were employed, and where some of them performed two or three distinct operations…” [Document 3] The workers in factories were able to produce more products faster because they worked in an assembly line. They all worked together to produce the products instead of each of them making a product. How were all of these factory workers recruited? “A good many from the agricultural parts… People left other occupations and came to spinning for the sake of high...

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