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Individual Assignment Six Sigma Essay

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1.0 Article`s Summaries 2
Article 1: An Overview of Six Sigma 2
Article 2: Application of Six Sigma methodology in forging manufacturing plants 4
Article 3: Overcoming the challenges of implementing Six Sigma in service industries 6
Article 4: Six Sigma Management in China 8
Article 5: Case study Analysis of Six Sigma in Singapore Service organization 9
2.0 Articles study outcomes 10
3.0 References 13

1.0 Article`s Summaries
Article 1: An Overview of Six Sigma

The article gave a clear image about Six Sigma and answered the question “what is Six Sigma?”, “what Six Sigma had actually done?”, “How to implement it?”   And “Why does it important to an organization”. The writer divides the article into 5 sections. Section 1, the writer briefly discuss about the Historical Development of Six Sigma. Since 1980s, the organizations around the United States and the world start paying attention the quality improvement. This can be proof by the growth in statistical methods used as to improve quality and overall business. Total Quality Management (TQM) - one of the famous quality management system- well known since early 1980s. It influenced greatly by philosophies of W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran and others. As the bloods circulate in our body, TQM circulates in every single functions and activities in an organization which related to quality improvement goal. But because of some reasons, TQM only achieved limited success.
Besides, Zero Defects and Value Engineering which deployed during 1950s and 1960s also doesn’t not achieved great success but little real impact on quality and productivity improvement. As general the writer argues that, Six Sigma has achieved higher success than TQM was. Furthermore, the article also summarizes the origin of Six Sigma which recognized by the Motorola engineer, Bill Smith. Undeniably, Motorola are the first organization which applied Six Sigma across the organization, focusing on manufacturing processes...

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