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Inclusion Essay

  • Submitted by: JessicaStilwell1
  • on March 31, 2014
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Special Education Inclusion
March 8, 2014

Special Education Inclusion

  The process towards inclusive educations is just that – a process.   It can be a rewarding, yet challenging journey to create an educational system where excellence and equality walk hand in hand (Frost & Pearpoint, 2004).   Throughout the last several years, the topic of inclusion has been at the epicenter of debate among educators, administrators, and parents.   Inclusion remains a controversial concept because it relates to educational and social values, as well as to our understanding of personal worth ("Special Education Inclusion", 2001).   Placing students with varying disabilities into regular education classrooms causes misunderstanding with educators and administrators on the advantages and disadvantages of inclusion.
Inclusion is a "philosophy that brings students, families, educators, and community members together to create schools and other social institutions based on acceptance, belonging, and community."(Salend, 2001, p. 5)   Inclusion is practiced in schools to establish collaborative, supportive, and nurturing environments for learners that are based on giving all students the services and accommodations that they need to learn, as well as respecting and learning from each other's individual differences. (Salend, 2001)   Inclusion is not necessarily just focused on students with disabilities.   When implemented correctly it is also designed to be able to accommodate and respond to the needs of regular education students as well.   Salend (2001) stated that there are four main principles that provide a framework and summarize the philosophies on which inclusive practices are based: Diversity- all students have opportunities to learn and play together, and participate in educational, social, and recreational activities. (p. 6) Individual needs- in inclusive classrooms, all students are valued as individuals capable of learning and contributing in society. (p. 7)...

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