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Impact of Digital Technology on Production Companies Essay

  • Submitted by: jasminezammitt
  • on April 15, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Impact of Digital Technology on Production Companies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Over the years, the use of digital technology has become increasingly evident, moving into the hands of audiences, and changing the way we consume media. The film industry has gained both advantages and disadvantages from this change and is likely to continue adapting in the future, from the introduction of new technologies and their availability to the audience.

The use of DV cameras among audiences has significantly affected the film industry, audiences can feel closer to the film industry and take part in similar processes of production. The decreasing price of DV cameras, as well as the introduction of new technologies over the last decade has increased the use of them, making them available to more people, and increasing the quality of the product. The use of DV cameras has benefitted the film industry, the audience can create their own productions, and extend the brand of the film, where users can upload their own ‘films’ to the internet, on websites such as YouTube, due to the increased number of broadband connections in homes, promoting the films in doing so. However, a negative is that the use of DV cameras has also increased levels of piracy. With more people owning DV cameras, and the decreased size of the cameras due to technological advancements, cameras can be concealed upon entering a cinema, in order to record a film, to make it illegally available to others, through the use of DVD burning and the internet. The decreased quality encountered in pirate copies may make many viewers feel that the film itself was not exceptionally good, which may lead to viewers advising friends and family not to see the film, decreasing revenue for production companies. In 2009 alone, the movie Star Trek received more than 10 million illegal downloads through the Internet. There are others that are pirating this film offline as well so the numbers could be even more staggering. While this movie achieved financial success, there was a tremendous amount of money lost...

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