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Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: mybabby2
  • on April 2, 2014
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Believe it
Immigration is a very controversial issue that we have been facing for several years many are in
favor of it and others against it. I would like to make a change and give out enough information
to those who see immigrants as criminals when in reality they are normal human beings that are
in search of the “American Dream.” A change must be made, a opportunity must be offered, and  
a life must be changed this is what I want for each and one of these individuals who leave their
home countries and families in order to pursuit better life conditions. What is the “American
Dream?” Many may have the same question but few may know the true meaning behind it. I had
the great opportunity to interview a man who’s name is Juan who recently emigrated into the U.S
from Mexico I asked him what does the “American Dream” mean to him? He Answered…“The
American Dream is a dream many of us see very hard to reach, day after day we struggle with
our everyday life not knowing whether we will earn enough money to set food on our table and
not being able to sleep at night simply thinking of what we can do and how we will reach our
needs. Mexico is facing a lot of violence the streets aren’t safe anymore I thanked god everyday
for giving me another day of   life because once you stepped out of your house you didn’t know
whether you would come back or not.   There is a difference between our needs and wants. I wont
lie there are many things I wish I could have but the job I had did not give me enough income .
I’m from a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico I have my wife   and my two daughters. The hardest
decision I had to make was to leave my family and risk my life crossing the border to give my
family a better life but I would do that and much more. All I took with me was all those
memories and my wife and children in my heart. I walked hot days and cold nights, I crossed
rivers risking whether I was going to be able to cross them or   not and I...

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