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Images Of Pregnancy Essay

  • Submitted by: jenny1107
  • on March 22, 2012
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Jenifer Sanchez March 1, 2012
Professor Gregory Munna
English 201-099
Sylvia Plath’s Image of Pregnancy
God’s precious gift from above which is among every death, a new life arises and is given to couples who prayed for and had these hopes and wishes. It’s the wish that is life changing and brings a lot of responsibilities among not only the mother and father but also a whole family. Many women and men believe that having a kid is very easy and wouldn’t be a lot of work. Little do they know, in fact, it is the hardest thing to do, but step one of having the kid is going through each of the nine months of pregnancy and then giving birth. Many poets tend to write about pregnancy and show their feelings about it in many ways. All but one poet expressed her feelings about her pregnancy in an unusual way that was creative. This poet is Sylvia Plath and her poem was called “Metaphors”. In this poem Sylvia Plath stick to nine syllables and nine lines to represent the nine months of pregnancy endured. Even in line one, it gives a hint that she’s talking about pregnancy and the nine months of it.
Many women are not comfortable with the way they look during pregnancy. Many women feel fat or uncomfortable walking the streets and they kind of look weird walking too. This is why the poet Sylvia Plath says in lines two and three. In line two she says, “An elephant, a ponderous house,” which is describing how she looks in size and shape. She’s trying to show her image of being large and bulky as a pregnant woman. In line three she says, “A melon strolling on two tendrils”, this is describing how she walks and looks like when she walks. The poet is trying to show the image of a pregnant lady’s round belly and thin legs walking down the straight, which in fact really looks like a melon strolling on two tendrils, which bothers the poet.
Many people often refer to fertility in biblical allusions to describe what it is like. In line four, the poet says “O red fruit,...

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