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Imagery Poem and Analysis

  • Submitted by: lilbaker0920009
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: English
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Clouds fall dully to the ground
As my black car and I are school bound
The windshield deflects the clouds cries
From the seat that the driver drives
The sound of raindrops creates a beat
While the wipers go and retreat
If only the sun could come out today
Instead my car and I decide to play
Sliding around with my rear wheel drive
Counter steering is fun and brings me to life
Steam and smoke billow from the wheel well
Like the clouds falling that I must not dwell
Although the rain depletes my day
I find a way to have fun anyway
Sliding in to the parking lot is how it goes
Seeing faces that express their woes
As I step out of my car to walk inside
I can smell the rubber I have burned on the ride.

While analyzing this poem, I have realized that the reason I utilized many of the words for a specific reason. At the very beginning of the poem I used dully because when it rains it’s a very dull feeling that expresses in me during a rain shower. The clouds are crying because in my mind I feel that the atmosphere is saddened from the clouds blocking the rays of the sun from the crust of the earth. When the raindrops hit my windshield I said it creates a beat because the windshield wipers are set on the fastest setting and it creates a rhythm. The sun being behind the clouds represents a dark day, which is the way my black car is, dark (although the car in the poem does not exist in real life ). As the poem progresses, the mood of the poem rises from bland to happy to show that nothing can keep me down. Nearing the end of the poem I used the sense of smell to provide imagery to the reader with the smell of burning rubber because it’s a very familiar smell that many people know and in the world of cars it is a very common smell. While analyzing my poem I’ve noticed improvement of my usage of imagery.

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