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Image And Space Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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What do you understand by the term ‘simulacra’ in the context of Postmodernism? Using Baudrillard’s essay, and other recommended texts; discuss one or two examples such as reality TV or film.

We all know that this is a postmodern society. The death of modernism brought postmodernism as period in culture that effects the way is which we perceive the world through art, dance, media, television and film. Postmodernism rejects the ideas of modernity; it allows people to develope freedom and individuality through their own experiences and interpretations. Modernity had a restricted beliefs and views and postmodernity brought the value of freedom and choice to society.
Within this postmodern society came many new movements that caused people to alter their thinking and interpretations, after the First World War near to the time when modernism ended, society was thought to of turned against its authorities. Many theorists expressed their thought on the new culture including Jean Baudrillard, Jean Francois Lyotard, Martin Heidegger and many more, with this came new theories of postmodernism such as the effects on art, literature, philosophies, hyper reality, consumerism, identity and simulacra and simulation. Simulacra and simulation is the main focus for my essay underpinning what the term means and how it has been used in the world today.
Baudrillard claims the human experience have been filled with meanings and symbols that are a simulated reality. Through the media we have viewed as an audience different experiences that have triggered feelings and emotions that feel real and that we can relate to our own personal experiences, this is how the this it is simulated. For example films and television programmes use interaction, communication and natural well-being parallel to this is a fantasy that is fiction. People are using their own interpretation of emotions and feelings to fit with the simulated version of their lives through the media.
Using Baudrillard’s...

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