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Ilm Team Leading Level 2 Essay

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Unit 8600 – 308: Understanding Leadership
  1) Understanding leadership Models:

Leadership Models:

Known best as the democratic leadership model, a participative leader values the input of team members at all levels, but ensures the responsibility of the final decision rests with them. They boost employee morale due to their contributions to the decision-making process making them feel their contribution matters. This style meets challenges when companies need to make a decision in a short period. A negative for this model could be not agreeing with opinions. Though members of the team’s views are heard you may not agree with them, it would be easy to dispute good notions with favouritism.   A team they may potentially feel that as a manager you do not have the ability to resolve problems or think of new concepts.

Transactional Leaders a more target driven. It will be useful to have a transactional leader if you have a perfectly smoothly running office/organisation and the main role for the leader is to ensure nothing changes in any of the procedures to maintain it. This kind of leader has a good working knowledge of all of their staff’s roles.

If multiple situations arise a situational leader would recognise the different approaches needed to find a resolution. They would be able to see potential in individual team members and understand that some are qualified enough that they can delegate ensuring they can spend more time with the less experienced staff. A situational leader has a wide spectrum of knowledge in all fields however may only specialise in a one particular area. These leaders however do not tend to have an in depth knowledge of all roles within their team and because of this cannot cover if needed to.

Factors that influence the leadership model:

There are numerous factors to influence any leadership model for example behaviour and personal preferences. There are positives and...

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