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Illiteracy Essay

  • Submitted by: yungmatata
  • on August 17, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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A paragraph is a group of a related sentence set of by a beginning indention, or sometimes, by paragraphs.

Purpose of using paragraphs.

  1. To introduce one of the main points supporting your essay’s central idea (thesis) and to develop the point with example, facts, or other supporting evidence.

  2. Within a group of paragraph centering on one main point to introduce and develop a key example on other important evidence

  3. To shift approach for instance, for pros to cons from problem to solution from questions to answer.

  4. To mark movement in a sequence, such as from one reason or step to another

  5. To introduce or to conclude an essay.

  6. To give strong emphasis to an important point or mark a significant transition from one point to another.

  7. In dialogue, to indicate that a new person has began speaking.

Maintaining paragraph unity

  1. Focusing on the central idea.

  a. Highlight the central idea of each paragraph to be sure its stated and to focus on it.

  2. Placing the topic sentence

In most common arrangement, the topic sentence comes at the beginning of the paragraph, comes at the end, or it is not stated at t5he all but is not non the less apparent.

      Topic sentence at the beginning

Help you to select the details that follow

      Topic sentence at the end

It leads to reader a conclusion by presenting all the evidence first, it can prove effective in an argument.

Achieving paragraph coherence

Paragraph is unified if it holds together-if at all its details an examples support the central idea. A paragraph is coherent if readers can see how the paragraph holds together, how the sentence relates to each other without having to stop and read.

Ways to achieve paragraph coherent.

  1. Organize effectively for the readers to follow it easily

  2. Use paralleled structures

  3. Repeat or restate words and words groups- remind...

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