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Ielts Preparation Essay

  • Submitted by: rinihahaha
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: English
  • Length: 328 words

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Below is an essay on "Ielts Preparation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Topic sentence: main argument
Supporting detail: reason(推理),
                          example(例证), evidence(证据)

Argumentative essay
Para1: Introduction
Para 2: (Agree) reason 1
Para 3: (Agree) reason 2
Para 4: Making concession (acknowledging the validity of the other side to a certain degree)
Para 5: Conclusion (restate your thesis)

Main features:
  * 相同趋势一起说 (上升,下降,稳定)
  * 起点,终点,转折点(包含交叉点)
  * 差距 Gap (倍数)

show: indicate, illustrate, describe, demonstrate, represent, summarise, display
number: figure, level
information: data
proportion: percentage  
categories:   kinds, types

Expression (elegant variation)
  * increase (n): rise (in) , surge (in)
  * increase (v): rise, go up, ascend, grow
  * jump (v) 急速上升: surge, soar, shoot up, rocket
  * decline (v) : fall, drop, decrease, dip, sink, descend
  * decline (n): fall, drop, decrease, dip
  * plummet (v) 急速下降   plunge (v/n)急速下降
  * fluctuate (v) 波动     fluctuation
  * 速度快 (adj):sharp, rapid, dramatic, drastic, steep, precipitous
  * 速度快 (adv):sharply, rapidly, dramatically, drastically, steeply, precipitously
  * 大幅度 (adj): marked, substantial, significant
  * 大幅度 (adv): markedly, substantially, significantly
  * 缓慢,逐渐,持续 (adj):gradual, steady, consistent, gentle
  * 缓慢,逐渐,持续 (adv):gradually, steadily, consistently, gently
  * 小幅度 (adj): slight, modest, moderate, marginal
  * 小幅度 (adv): slightly, modestly, moderately, marginally
  * 大约: approximately, about, around, roughly, just over/under
A shows/demonstrates n upward/downward trend
  * level off/out at (保持水平): reach a plateau at, remain stable at, stabilize at, hover at
  * peak at (达到最高点): reach the peak at, reach the highest point at
  * bottom out (达到最低点): reach the bottom at, the lowest point at
  * reach (达到…数量): arrive at, hit , stand at, amount to  
  * account for(占…数量): represent, make up, constitute, occupy  
  * A is...

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