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Idle No More as a Religious Movement Essay

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Timisia Lavia

Ask someone about the Idle No More movement and they most likely would not have much to say. This is assuming that they have even heard of such a thing.   Compared to 2012 when this movement first got a heated amount of media coverage, it seems to have disappeared completely from the media and public’s eye.   Although at first glance the movement may seem to have disappeared, it is in fact very alive and vital in and beyond indigenous communities, and it reminds us that any future research agenda pertaining to indigenous social inclusion and exclusions has a responsibility to uphold indigenous perspective. This alone is a huge benefit not only to the indigenous people but to the economy itself. The Idle No more movement shows that indigenous people are conscious of their importance in protecting the land in which we all live, because unlike Eurocentric laws, their laws are not based on greed, but are based on the goodness and caretaking of that which is given by nature.
The Idle No More movement is a relatively contemporary movement but while the name is recent, the movement is grounded in longstanding historical roots located within struggles to define and maintain indigenous identity. The Idle No More movement’s initial motive was to no doubt draw attention to the concerns of the indigenous people, and what better way to gain attention than events like protests, or rallies or better yet hunger strikes.   This is exactly what Chief Theresa and three other women started out by doing.

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