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Identity and Belonging Essay

  • Submitted by: breefang
  • on August 22, 2015
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The power of the group is often the cause of losing our individual identity
Belonging is the most innate desire of humans. We can always get a sense of security and make us feel confident by belonging to groups. However, each group has its own rules and acceptance. People would tend to give up their desire and follow the expectations of the groups in order to fit in. Moreover, in order to get a sense of belonging, people would always change themselves into the way the group would accept. Sometimes, the influence of the group is helping us to develop our identity.
It is usually that each group has its expectation of all the group members. People in the group would feel rejected when their desire was antithesis to pressure of family. Most of them would likely to be untrue to themselves and follow the rules in the group. A recent issues on a careers webpage is that a very little percentage young people nowadays get to do the job they are passionate about as they giving up their dream and follow the expectation of their family. Most of the expectations of their family is expecting them to get a job which is highly paid and creditable like lawyers and doctors. Young people would be assumed like futureless when they choose to stand with the area like gardening. It is evidenced that judgements from society would push people to give up them original desire and become the type of person society would accept in order to get belonging. Otherwise, they have to endure with the pressure and comments from family and society. Then Belong to nowhere would end up as a result of rejection of family and society.
In other times, the difference of appearance might end up as a result of rejection. However, in order to fit in, people might tend to change their appearance in a certain way so that they would be accepted. In Alice Pung’s anthology ‘Growing Up In Australia’, Sunil Badami explores the challenges of fitting in. He was labelled as ‘darkie’ and ‘black bastard’ among the others...

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