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Ics 2602 - Muhammad (Pbuh)'s Character and Influence on His Companions Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him –PBUH) was sent as a mercy to this world. He was groomed to be the great man that he would become from the moment of his birth.

A companion of Muhammad (PBUH), Anas bin Malik, relates that one day as Muhammad (PBUH) was playing with some children near Haleemah’s (his foster mother’s) house, Jibreel (the Angel Gabriel) appeared and made Muhammad (PBUH) lie down. He then opened up the boy’s chest, took out his heart, and extracted a lump of flesh from it, saying, “This is the portion of Satan in you.” Then he put Muhammad’s (PBUH) heart in a golden tray filled with Zamzam water, washed it and replaced it in his chest.   (Mubarakpuri, 2002, p. 24).
This incident describes the uniqueness and purity of Muhammad (PBUH) who was cleansed from the natural affliction of wrongdoing that dwells in every person.


Even before attaining Prophethood, Muhammad (PBUH) had a great character that marked him as unique and made him beloved to anyone who knew him. He was known as an honest and truthful man. People used to entrust him with their belongings when they went on journeys having full faith that he would never cheat them. He abstained from vices without ever being forbidden to it. He never consumed alcohol or gambled. He had an inherent dislike for polytheism and paganism that surrounded him in Makkah at that time.   He only partook of meat that was slaughtered in the name of Allah (God).

At the advent of Islam, some people immediately accepted the Prophet’s proclamation of the oneness of God because they knew that he was an honest man. His uncle, Abu Talib, described Muhammad (PBUH) in the following words, “He is fair and handsome. From his visage, mercy falls like rain. He is a shelter for the orphan and a protector of widows.” (Mubarakpuri, 2002, p. 31)

Muhammad (PBUH) was illiterate. This detail is no slight on his intelligence and wisdom. The reason for his illiteracy was...

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