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Humanities And Civilization Essay

  • Submitted by: computerguy
  • on March 24, 2012
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Wk 1 Writing Assignment
  According to “the free dictionary” online at www.thefreedictionary.com Civilization either “an advanced state of intellectual, cultural, and material development in human society, marked by progress in the arts and sciences, the extensive use of record-keeping, including writing, and the appearance of complex political and social institutions. Also, it is described as the type of culture and society developed by a particular nation or region. It is also defined as “The act or process of civilizing or reaching a civilized state.
  In my opinion, humble as it is, Civilization deals with the human race as does humanities. In different civilizations there are different humanities.   Also Humanities introduces us to people, places, and also ideas that may have never even crossed our minds. For example, by meeting others you learn what is wrong or right, and also about our heritage and history. In school settings humanities is referred to as the study of arts. The visual arts, like architecture, painting, music, dance, or even literature. Arts are very important in our lives as it includes one of the oldest forms and one of the most important means of expression developed by mankind.
    In the 20th century , music allowed artists and songwriters to use different types of instruments and computers to change what was being composed during this time. We, as a civilization, experienced many different styles of music like, rock n roll, rap, rhythm and blues, and country. Those are just a few of the styles that are listened to today.

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