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Human Rights Violation Essay

  • Submitted by: coolgurl97
  • on April 3, 2014
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Human Rights Violations

Throughout history, human rights have been a tremendous issue. From the beginning of recorded history, minority groups have spoken out for government representations and equality. Many times too, though groups have had their human rights violated. Attempts by governments, organizations, and individuals to resolve the violations of human rights have met with mixed results. The Holocaust in Europe and the attacks on indigenous peoples in Latin America are clear examples of human rights violations in which efforts by governments and individuals to stop the genocide had mixed results.
The persecution and slaughter of Jews in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s was a terrible violation of human rights. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, the nation was left in a state of economic depression. The failure of the Weimer Republic led to the rise of Adolf Hitler, a leader who promised prosperity in the future. Despite the strides he made in Germany’s economy after being elected for his powerful speeches and promises, Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s distress. In the 1930s, Germany passed the Nuremberg Laws, which took away many rights of German Jews. In the early 1940s, Germany started the massive genocide of Jews by forcing them into concentration camps where they were given very little food. Treatment of the Jews was horrendous. Many innocent Jews were thrown into gas chambers where the Nazis watched them choke to death. If anyone tried to escape the camp, he/she was punished by being hanged in front of his/her family and fellow citizens. The total number of deaths of European Jews was six million.
The Holocaust is the history’s most horrendous examples of what happens when hate and prejudice aren’t resisted. Not enough was done to resolve this human rights violation. Young Jewish children were secretly sent to the United Kingdom where gentile families took them into their homes, and willingly raised them as their own. This stopped when the...

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