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Human Resources Essay

  • Submitted by: ezzsoliman
  • on March 22, 2012
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Human Resources Management Assignment

What Can intermine an interview’s usefulness?

Several things can undermine an interview’s usefulness, the most consistent finding is that interviewers tend to jump to conclusions, by making snap judgments about the candidates, or even depending on their appearance before they see their resume. Which causes their assessment to be biased? Interviewers who don’t have an accurate picture of what the job entails or what the job really needs usually make their decisions on false impressions or stereotypes of what a good applicant is.

How to design and conduct an effective and more effective interview?

Perform a Job Analysis and rate the job’s main duties, creating interview questions and benchmark answers.

Use job knowledge, situational, or behaviorally oriented questions and objective criteria to evaluate the interviewee’s responses, use the same questions with all candidates, use descriptive rating scales (excellent, fair, poor) to rate answers, take brief, unobtrusive notes during the interview, train interviewers, and if possible use a standardized interview form.

How to prepare for the interview?
Thw interview should take place in a private room where there are no interruptions, review the candidate’s resume and application by noting any areas that are vague or may indicate strength or weakness. And also reviewing the job specifications. Keep a record of the answers and check them after the interview is over.

How to establish Rapport?
Establishing rapport can be done by putting the person at ease, and by greeting them courteously or asking a non controversial question to reduce the candidate’s nervousness.
How to close the interview?
Leave time to answer any questions the candidate may have. Try to end the interview with a postivie note, tell the applicant whether there is any intrest and if so what is the next step to do.

What should be done After the interview ?
Reviewing the interview by...

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